I recently had the opportunity to work on an exciting branding project for new property service and maintenance company, HW Property Services.

The project consisted of coming up with a new logo to represent the business as well as coming up with a branding style to go across all forms of media, from letterheads and business cards to branding for digital platforms such as a website and social media.

The website (as of April 2020 is currently in testing) will allow customers to search the site for all kinds of property services with fast results and guidance to get them to the right place.

When it came to branding the business, my target was to come up with a design style that was both eye catching and sent a subtle message as to what the company offer. It was important to the client to ensure customers understood that this was more than just a gas and electric service or a painting and decorating service.

I decided to use iconography to illustrate the wide range of serivces on offer, allowing the customer to be sure that they had come to the right place to solve their problem or have their enquiry answered.

If you’re in need of a repair, maintenance or any services on your property, then check out the HW Property Services page on Facebook for more information.

Are you looking for new branding for your business? I can help so let’s have a chat about it!