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Are you looking to host your website on a safe and secure server? I can help get you set up and manage your server for you!

Your website, your server.

I provide a managed hosting service. This means that I will set up a hosting plan for you, provided by a 3rd party, and then manage that hosting package for you. So all you need to do is sit back and relax in the knowledge that your websites and databases are in safe and secure hands.

24-hour monitoring – always alert. Always online.

I will provide a 24-hour monitoring service for your server so that if a problem occurs, we can handle it for you quickly and efficiently. I also will be in constant contact with the service provider so any problems can be fixed quickly and limit downtime to a minimum.

The full package, from email to domains.

I don’t just manage a space for your website to live online, I can also help you set up your email accounts, connect your domains and manage your databases. All the technical bits that you’re not expected to be aware of, I can step in and handle all the complex tasks for you.

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